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Brain Health is the


of All Mental Health

& Cognitive Performance

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Neurofeedback can address the physiology causing symptoms of ANXIETY & DEPRESSION.

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On-going symptoms can be from the brain compensating instead of correctly healing after CONCUSSION.

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Neurofeedback is a research-based,

non-pharmaceutical intervention for ADD & ADHD symptoms.

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ANGER, IMPULSIVITY, and MOOD changes can be due to brainwave dysfunction.

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An EEG brain map can objectively identify the brainwave dysfunction causing INSOMNIA & other SLEEP issues.

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Chronic HEADACHES and MIGRAINES are common symptoms of underlying electrical dysfunction in the brain.

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EEG brain mapping can help identify if MEMORY SLIPS are due to abnormal brainwave slowing or just normal aging.

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ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE & other forms of DEMENTIA are highly preventable... but NOT reversible. Find out how to lower your risk.

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