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Bryan D. Hixson
Dir. of Neuroscience​

  • Director & Founder of the Brain Performance Centers

  • Co-Founder, Brain Span Laboratories

  • Brain health expert consultant for AARP's Staying Sharp platform

  • Brain health expert consultant for Sharecare &

  • Founder, Neurotopia

Objective, Measurable Outcomes

The Brain Performance Centers of Southern California are among the most technologically advanced neurofeedback facilities in the country. All EEG brain maps are processed using one of the largest and most research-based EEG normative databases. Our neurofeedback protocols are guided by neuroimaging, not solely by symptoms. 

Our goal with every client is to improve the physiology that is causing the physical symptoms and/or is exacerbating undesired behaviors. Initial and post EEG brain mapping provides objective, measurable outcomes of your progress.

Organizations that have used our technology include: the Seattle Seahawks, the Brooklyn Nets, the Dallas Mavericks, the Colorado Rockies, the Red Bull High Performance Center, the U.S. Olympic Team, and the Department of Defense.

About Our Director & Founder

Bryan Hixson is one of the leading neuroscience experts in quantitative EEG brain mapping, neurocognitive testing, neurofeedback brain training, and nutritional cellular health.


Mr. Hixson is a brain health expert consultant for AARP's Staying Sharp platform, serving 38 million members. He is also the Director of Digital Brain Health for Sharecare/, the founder and director of the Brain Performance Centers of Southern California, and an EEG brain mapping contractor for the U.S. Army.


Additionally, Mr. Hixson is the co-founder of BrainSpan Laboratories, which is used by nearly 1,000 doctors nationwide. It is the most clinically validated functional and nutritional blood spot test available for optimizing brain health and lowering your risk of dementia.


Mr. Hixson’s brain performance companies have worked with nearly 1,000 pro, Olympic, and elite athletes.

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